How do I add a new opportunity?

How do I add a new opportunity?

1) On the navigation bar click the green "+" icon next to Add Opportunity.

2) Add the details of the opportunity.
Provide the title, description, category, tags, commitment, location and primary coordinator.
Select an admin that will be the coordinator for the opportunity you are creating. The selected admin is the user who will receive updates. reminders and notifications relating to the opportunity.
Not sure about the difference between a category and an opportunity? Click here.

3) Add the qualifications for the opportunity. This is optional.

4) Customize the schedule for the opportunity by generating shifts and/or enabling Flexible Schedule. This is optional.

5) Customize the application form that volunteers will fill out upon applying to the opportunity. This is optional.

6) Customize the onboarding process once you receive a new applicant. This is optional.
For more information about the difference between the Application Form and Onboarding process, Click here.

7) Select the visibility of the opportunity: Public or Private

8) Preview the opportunity details and application form, publish & share!