I cannot authenticate my email. What do I do?

I cannot authenticate my email. What do I do?

Helping you authenticate your email

Step 1: Make sure you entered the correct email address
When you're on the authenticate your email screen, we show you the email address that you entered during registration. Please make sure this is the correct email address. If it is not the correct email, you will need to sign up with the correct email address. If you need help signing up, visit this article.

Step 2: Make sure to check your junk or spam folders
Sometimes different inboxes will process emails into Junk or Spam if they do not recognize the sender. If you do find the email in these folders, be sure to move the email into your inbox to help your email provider recognize Vome emails!

Step 3: Click resend authenticate email 
Try to resend the authentication email again by clicking the button from the popup

Step 4: Contact support
If you are unable to authenticate your email, please send an email to support@vomevolunteer.com from the same email address used to sign up to Vome. We will be able to bypass the email authentication process for you. 

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