How do I bring my volunteers on Vome?

How do I bring my volunteers on Vome?

You have a few methods to successfully bring your volunteers on Vome. This is the flow we recommend for most organizations:

1. Upload your volunteer list into your Database (For detailed steps, read How do I prepare my spreadsheet to import into my database?)
2. Choose if you want to pre-assign them to opportunities 
If you decide to pre-assign your volunteers to opportunities, once they join Vome and claim their profile, they will be able to immediately begin reserving spots to shifts for those opportunities. If you do not pre-assign them, they will need to register for opportunities and wait for you to approve their registrations before they can begin reserving spots to shifts. In most cases, organizations decide to pre-approve volunteers to opportunities for which they are already actively volunteering. In other cases, organizations may require volunteers to submit the form for data collection purposes before they can approve them.
3. Invite them to claim their profile on Vome!

Why should I upload my volunteer list to start?

We recommend uploading a list of your volunteers into the database, as this will create Offline profiles for each volunteer.

Then, you will be able to invite your volunteers to join Vome. The volunteers that decide to join Vome will become Vome Users, and their profiles will be merged with their offline profiles. All the data previously tracked for the offline user will transfer to the Vome User profile.

For example, imagine you have 100 volunteers at your organization. Ideally, each volunteer would sign-up to Vome. However, it’s possible that only 80 (80%) of your volunteers will opt to join.

By importing your entire volunteer list of 100 volunteers to your database, you will start off with 100 offline profiles. Then, once the 80 volunteers sign-up as Vome Users, you will have 80 online profiles and 20 offline profiles. This ensures that your database is always up-to-date and does not contain any duplicates.

Additionally, you will be able to add offline volunteers to shifts, and track their hours and activity. This makes it easy to manage all your volunteers on Vome!

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