How do I create a new category?

How do I create a new category?

Go to Add Opportunity > In step 1/6 click Category > In the pop-up click Create category:


1. Select a theme or upload a photo
You must add a title to your theme if you upload a custom photo. The minimum image size must be 400 x 200 pixels. 
If you upload a custom theme, make sure to Select the theme from the list once uploaded.
2. Add a title
3. Add a description
4. Click Done
If you need to edit your category's image, name or description, click here.

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      Yes, every opportunity must be associated with a category! We suggest that you create a category and title it according to the name of the one-time event. For example, the title of the category would be "Marathon Fundraiser". The opportunity titles ...
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      1) On the navigation bar click the green "+" icon next to Add Opportunity. 2) Add the details of the opportunity. Provide the title, description, category, tags, commitment, location and primary coordinator. Select an admin that will be the ...
    • How do I edit a category?

      To edit a category that you have already created: 1. Go to your Opportunities page from the left-hand navigation 2. In the Filters on the left-hand side > under Group > enable By category 3. Hover over the category you would like to edit and click on ...
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      Category: A category typically has the title and description of a program, event or location. It contains one or more volunteer opportunities. Opportunity: An opportunity contains all the details about an activity, position, role or task. Volunteers ...