How do I create a Sequence step for people to fill out a form (i.e., answer questions, attach files, provide digital consent, etc.)

How do I create a Sequence step for people to fill out a form (i.e., answer questions, attach files, provide digital consent, etc.)

When adding a step to a sequence, there's a way to redirect people to a Vome form if you're looking for them to share specific information with you.

In the Custom step category, you could create a new entry. You can title the step according your needs and then add a hyperlink to a Vome form in the description field to redirect users to the form and have them fill out any form content that you added on the form (i.e., Questions, Attachments, Digital Consent, etc..).
 When creating the Vome Form, you can customize the sections and content as you see fit for the sequence step.


You could have a Custom step called Waiver/Consent Form and in the description of the step you can include a hyperlink for users to access the Vome Form that you created in the Forms tab explicitly for the purpose of them providing their digital consent.

Please note that although the sequence step is redirecting someone to the Vome Form, and the submission of that form is not directly linked to the completion status of the sequence step.
Admins will be notified that someone submitted a form response and that will redirect them the individual's response within the Forms tab.
The sequence step will not be marked as completed automatically because someone submitted a Vome Form response.
It is therefore totally up to the admin to review their form response and then manually mark the sequence step as complete afterwards. Admins can accomplish this workflow from the individual's profile or from the Sequence expanded view. 

How to redirect people to a Vome Form from a Sequence step:

  1. From your left-hand navigation menu, click Forms
  2. In the 1st step (Details), add the details of the form > click Next 
  3. In the 2nd step (Content), enable the sections/fields that you want to populate on the form (i.e., Question fields, Attachments fields, Digital Consent fields, etc) > Click Next
  4. In the last step (Visibility), select Private > Publish the form.
  5. You then  need to copy the form link. Once the form is published, click Actions on the top-right of your page > click ShareOtherwise, go to the left-navigation menu > click Forms > click on the form's 3 dots option menu > click Share
  6. On the Share pop-up, click Copy Link
  7. Once the link is copied to your clipboard, go to the left-navigation menu and click Sequences
  8. Create or edit a sequence
  9. In the 1st step (Details), add the details of the sequence. In the 2nd step (Steps), click Add a step > select the Custom category (or any other category if relevant).
  10. In the Custom category pop-up view > click on the +New button to create a new entry.
  11. Add a step title, and then paste the form link in the description field.
You can always consider embedding the form link into a string of text instead of displaying the raw URL.
For example, you could write in the description field "Click HERE to access the form". The form URL would be hyperlinked with the "HERE" text in this case.