How do I customize the impact value metric on Vome?

How do I customize the impact value metric on Vome?

As of now, the impact value metric is based on a standard $30/hr rate. We will eventually be adding more customizability on Vome for you to set a custom hourly rate for each of your opportunities, which will automatically calculate an accurate impact value across your volunteers!

In the meantime, we have prepared an excel spreadsheet which allows you to simply paste the Vome report labeled Attendees & Hours Report, change the hourly rates for each of your opportunities, and it will automatically calculate the impact values for you.

This is how it works:

1. Login to Vome and visit the Reports page from the left-hand side of your page
2. Click on the Attendees & Hours report
3. Configure the file as you need to by changing the date range
Please note that if you use any filters (other than the date range) on the view, you must select the rows before exporting it. To do this, simply click the checkbox on the top left of your screen to select all of your rows from your filtered results. Then, when you can click the Export button, it will show an additional option labeled Export selected rows.
4. Click Export > Export all rows OR Export selected rows
5. Download the excel file attached on this support article
6. On the first tab of the spreadsheet (Vome_Impact Value Workbook) labeled 'Raw Data', you are able to Paste the entire exported Attendees & Hours report there. As of now, we put sample data there, which you should delete and replace with your real data.
To do this, simply open the Vome report that you exported in step 4. Click on the headers and drag your mouse to copy the entire sheet. Then once it is copied, you can return to the impact value workbook to paste it inside of the "Raw Data" sheet (sheet #1). 
7. Go to the second sheet labeled Impact Value Metrics and adjust each of the hourly rates as needed.

Voila! You will see that there are 2 auto-generated reports for you. The first one "Report with Impact Value" is simply your Attendees & Hours report including the impact value. The second report, "Summary Insights" show a breakdown of the total impact value, impact values per opportunity and impact values per category, respectively.

If you have any questions or need help setting this up, do not hesitate to submit a ticket from the support portal to let us know!