How do I export my logged volunteer hours?

How do I export my logged volunteer hours?

Exporting your volunteer hours is easy!
Please note that you must export the report from your computer as it is not yet available on the mobile app
1. Login to Vome on your computer 
2. From your homepage, click View impact (as shown below)

3. [Optional] Customize the report by clicking Customize report
Click Export (as shown below)

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    • What does the Hours logged metric represent?

      This metric is a count of the total amount of hours that your organization has logged for volunteers.
    • How do I export volunteer data from the database?

      1. Go to the Volunteers page from the left-hand navigation. 2. Filter the database to present the data you want to export 3. Click on the Export icon (highlighted in image below) 4. Click Export all data
    • How do I export my Vome badge?

      To export your Vome badge, you must do so from the Vome Volunteer mobile app. If you have not yet downloaded the mobile app, click here. Here are the steps to export your Vome badge: 1. Go to your Challenges page from the mobile app 2. You will see a ...
    • How do I mass log hours from the Schedule?

      1. Go to the Schedule page 2. On the top right, click on Actions 3. Select Mass log hours When performing the Mass Log Hours action, you can see the current status of any volunteer who was assigned to a shift but didn't get their hours logged.
    • How do I create Offline Volunteer profiles in the database?

      1. Go to your Database from the left-hand navigation 2. Click on Create Profiles on the top right of Database view 3. You will have the choice to Add a Volunteer or Mass Import (via excel) You must add at least a first name, last name and email ...