How do I export my Vome badge?

How do I export my Vome badge?

To export your Vome badge, you must do so from the Vome Volunteer mobile app. If you have not yet downloaded the mobile app, click here.
Here are the steps to export your Vome badge:
1. Go to your Challenges page from the mobile app
2. You will see a banner to export your achievement
3. Click Export and it will download directly to your phone!

Make sure to share it on social media to show everyone your achievement! You can also tag Vome's social media handle : )

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    • How do Vome achievements work?

      Vome achievements Vome built a 4-tier badge system for volunteers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To be awarded a Vome Badge, volunteers must complete available challenges to earn Vome Points (VP). Challenges are focused around activity ...
    • How do I export my logged volunteer hours?

      Exporting your volunteer hours is easy! Please note that you must export the report from your computer as it is not yet available on the mobile app 1. Login to Vome on your computer 2. From your homepage, click View impact (as shown below) 3. ...
    • How do I export filtered records from my database and reports?

      To export filtered records from your database, reports and other grids on Vome - you must select the rows using the checkboxes on the left of the records. You can choose to select one record at a time, or use the "select all" checkbox at the top. ...
    • How do I export profile information from the database?

      1. From the left-hand navigation, click on Database. 2. Use the Advanced filters and/or each column filter to find a specific data set 3. Select all or specific profiles you wish to export 4. Click on the Export button 5. Click Export selected rows
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      As of now, the impact value metric is based on a standard $30/hr rate. We will eventually be adding more customizability on Vome for you to set a custom hourly rate for each of your opportunities, which will automatically calculate an accurate impact ...