How do I invite more admins?

How do I invite more admins?

Please be advised that if you are on a paid plan, you must first ensure that you have the correct number of admin seats on your Subscription page (see detailed steps in the section below)

Steps to add more administrators:
  1. From the left-hand navigation menu, go to Users & Access
  2. On the top right, click on + Invite Admin
  3. Fill in the basic admin profile information and click Send Invitation

Once the admin receives their email invitation and creates an admin profile using the same email address that you sent the invitation to, they will immediately be added to your organization’s account.
Please note that adding additional admins may affect billing. See our pricing for the additional cost per admin.

Steps to update the number of admin licenses under your account if you are on a paid plan
You must be the account holder to update the subscription for the account
  1. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Subscriptions 
  2. Under the Annual or Monthly Subscription, under Number of seats, click Update
  3. Select the new total of admin licenses you wish to have. Click Save & Continue
  4. Finish the update subscription process
  5. Once you added more admins licenses, you can invite admins using the steps in the section above.

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