How do I assign volunteers to an opportunity or share a link for them to apply from the opportunity dashboard?

How do I assign volunteers to an opportunity or share a link for them to apply from the opportunity dashboard?

1. Go to Opportunities
2. Click on an opportunity
3. Go to the Volunteers tab
4. Click Add Volunteers
When adding a volunteer to an opportunity, Vome Users will be notified about the opportunity they've been assigned to. If you are assigning an Offline volunteer to the opportunity, you always have the option of inviting them to join Vome. Once they join Vome and accept the invitation, they will become a Vome User in your database and the opportunity will be assigned to them automatically.
Assigning volunteers is useful for volunteers who are already volunteering at your organization, and for whom you do not want to fill out the application form.

Opportunity Dashboard > Volunteer tab: Image below

Opportunity Dashboard > Volunteer tab > Add Volunteers pop-up: Image below

If you send a link to volunteers to submit an application, they will be applying for the opportunity and you must approve their application so that they can become eligible to view and reserve spots to shifts for the opportunity that they applied to.
If you assign opportunities to volunteers from your database, you can click on their name to open up their profile > in the Opportunties section of the profile, click on See more > Click Assign Opportunities > select opportunities > Save

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