Do I need to segment my user profile list before uploading it to my database?

Do I need to segment my user profile list before uploading it to my database?

First off, it is important to understand that for each import, you can perform Bulk Actions on user profiles listed in the spreadsheet.
If you want to assign user profiles different tags, opportunities, sequences or shifts during the import process, you must perform separate imports. Each import should contain the list of users who will be assigned to the same list of tags, opportunities, shifts or tags.
Additionally, you have the option to set default values for a custom field that you created, which would apply to all of your users listed in the file. 

Let's go through an example to go over a use-case:

Consider you have a group of users who will need to be assigned to the same Sequence, and you would like to also assign them a specific profile tag. To do this, you would need to segment your users in your spreadsheet to only include the profiles who will be assigned the sequence and profile tag. Then, once you upload it to Vome, you can bulk assign all of these profiles to the Sequence or Profile tag. If you are on the Pro Plan, this might be done in order to bulk tag these users using the import process.

However, if you are on the Enterprise plan, you can also create a new custom field in your database to segment your users directly from your database. Then once the users are on Vome, it is easy to click on their profiles and take bulk actions!

To further explain: If you forget to segment your users and you have already imported your spreadsheet, you can always import a new spreadsheet to bulk update those field values. For examples, consider that you already have 3 user profiles in your database: John, Sarah and Miles. If you want to segment your users with a new upload, you can create a new field on Vome called User Group, and then in your spreadsheet, you can create a field called User Group with the appropriate values for each user. Once you upload the new file to your database, it will have those groupings directly on Vome, which will allow you to filter your database and take mass actions (i.e. assign tag, opportunities, sequences or shifts!)