How do I submit an application form?

How do I submit an application form?

Helping you apply to an organization and/or apply for a specific opportunity
Being approved for an opportunity allows you to reserve shifts and track hours that are associated with your involvement. There's also an opportunity chatroom for each opportunity you've been approved for and you can find it by clicking on the Chat icon > See all > on the top-right of your portal.

There are 2 ways to become approved for an opportunity:

You submit an application form and then get approved for the opportunity by the organization [see steps below] 
OR an admin at the organization assigns you to an opportunity, which bypasses the need for you to submit the application form.

Here are the steps to apply to an organization:

1. If you're already approved to at least 1 opportunity or have accepted the invitation to join an organization's portal, you will see the organization's name appear on your homepage on the top-right > Click View portal.
Otherwise, from the left-hand side navigation, click Find an organization. Add at least 3 letters that are included in the name of the organization, an address (could be specific or general but make sure to select a suggestion form the dropdown) and adjust the radius. This will allow you to visit their profile to continue to the next step. You can also see this form the Looking for an organization? section on your homepage if you aren't approved for any opportunities.

2. Browse through available opportunities and click the opportunity that interests you!
If there's a Get Involved button on the organization's page, you can skip the next step and submit a general inquiry form directly there! Once you submit the form, you will need to wait for further instructions by an administrator and you may get a Vome notification that you've been assigned to an onboarding sequence, specific opportunities and/or shifts, depending on the context.

Example 1: Click on an opportunity and apply for it.

Example 2: Click Get Involved to apply in general.

3. Submit an application form
Make sure to include all the information requested by the organization when submitting the form!

4. Once the organization approves your application for a specific opportunity or assigns you to an opportunity that you're eligible for (based on the general inquiry process), you will get notified and then be able to reserve shifts related to the opportunity and track your hours!