How do I set up a process for group reservations using Forms?

How do I set up a process for group reservations using Forms?

In general, each person must sign up to Vome individually, register for an opportunity or submit a general application/inquiry form, then get assigned to an opportunity to begin reserving spots to shifts.

However, there is a workflow to streamline group reservations. It involves a group leader (any individual) to register for the opportunity (or fill out a general inquiry form), and on the form you would ask them to upload an Excel file in the Attachments area. Once they send you the Excel file, you can seamlessly import that into your DB and then pre-assign all the profiles within the group a tag (i.e. the group's name) and a shift (the one that the group leader requested).

Click HERE to see an example of how you can set up the form within your portal!

You can always book a meeting with your account manager to have them walk you through the steps! We're happy to help : )
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