How do I sign up for support?

How do I sign up for support?

Here are the steps to sign up for support as an administrator 
Note: Only admins are recommended to sign up for support (not volunteers) since there are FAQ that are only available to registered administrators. 
Each administrator from your organization should create a support account.
1. Go to Vome Support by visiting
2. On the top-right of your page, click Sign up (or visit
3. Follow the steps provided
4. Wait for a Vome Rep to assign your account to the Admin Group. This will provide you with access to our entire library of FAQ!


On the Support Page > on the top-right, click Sign Up

Input your name and email address and then click Sign Up

Check your inbox for the confirmation link

From the email, Click on Accept the invitation

Set your password and click Register

Once you've registered, the Vome Team must approve you as a support user. This should not take long! Please wait for the confirmation that you've been approved before proceeding.

Once you are approved, go to your Home page and click on the Knowledge Base

To access the administrative support articles, click on Admin Support

To access the volunteer support article, click on Public

We hope that our support articles will help you navigate the platform and answer most of your questions. We are constantly updating the FAQ based on questions and feedback from both admin and volunteer users! Do not hesitate to chat with us or email us at

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