How do I use a Custom ID field to find and match profiles during the import process?

How do I use a Custom ID field to find and match profiles during the import process?

*Please note this feature is only available for customers using the Enterprise Plan

By default, we find and match profiles using the user's email address. In other words, it is the primary field on Vome. Here is an example to illustrate this.

For example, consider a profile in your database with the email jon.doe@email.comWhen going through the import process, if you update data for this profile, we will search your database with a user with the profile to know which user we need to update! 

However, in some cases, organizations may have their own unique identifier to match profiles in their database and may prefer to use this instead of the email field. This can be common when exporting data from a different software. 

To accomplish this, you need to first have a Unique ID field created on Vome:

1. From your Database, click Manage Fields > New field. 
2. When creating the field, ensure you use Unique ID. This ensures that each user in your database will have a Unique ID assigned to them.

And you're all set! Once you import your user list, you will be able to include a Unique ID field and map it directly to your new Unique ID field on Vome. Once each user has an assigned value for their Unique ID, you will be able to update data based on this Unique ID at a later time, and additionally, you can export your database which includes these values!

Feel free to email support if you need getting this set up : )
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