How do I use Form Templates on Vome?

How do I use Form Templates on Vome?

Templates only come into effect when building opportunities and choosing the Direct opportunity funnel recruitment workflow setting.

Templates are used to save the content portion of a form, which you can link to multiple opportunities.
The benefit of using a template is that when you need to make an update to the content of form, you can simply update the template and then all the opportunities that the template is linked to will automatically synchronize with the updated template

All you need to do is add a title and you're ready to begin customizing the template. The title of the template is visible to admins only.

Steps to create a template
1. Using your left-hand navigation, click Forms
2. On the top-right of the view, click View templates
3. On the top-right of the view, click Create template

Steps to use a template
1. From the left-navigation menu, click Opportunities
2. On the top-left, click + New opportunity
2. In the recruitment workflow step, select Direct opportunity funnel
3. Select Use a template > Select the template
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