How does the Screening Checklist work for my opportunities?

How does the Screening Checklist work for my opportunities?

As an administrator, you can customize the screening checklist for each of your opportunities!

What is a screening checklist?

A screening checklist is a list of requirements for volunteers to complete.
For example, you can add a training session for new volunteers or require them to upload a waiver.

When do volunteers see the screening checklist I create for an opportunity?

Volunteers will be able to complete the screening checklist once they register for the opportunity or get assigned to the opportunity by your team.
Please note that volunteers will only be automatically assigned the screening checklist if you are using Opportunity-level recruitment for the opportunity. Otherwise, when volunteers register, they will not be added to the screening checklist and you would need to assign them to the opportunity for them to view it. 

What if I have the same screening checklist across my opportunities?

We got you covered! Once you create checklist requirement (i.e. Waiver), you will be able to select it for other opportunities as well. Additionally, if a volunteer is assigned to multiple opportunities that have the same requirement added to it, the volunteer's status will be updated across all of their opportunity requirements.

For example, imagine you have a liability form for all your volunteers to fill out.

You would create a new screening checklist requirement under Forms & Waivers called liability form, and add it to all your opportunities.

Once a new candidate registers for an opportunity, they will be assigned this screening checklist requirement (Liability Form) and their status will be Pending. Once they submit the waiver and you confirm it is valid, you would mark the volunteer's status for this requirement as Complete.

Then, if the same volunteer register for a new opportunity that also requires this liability form in the future, you will see that it was already marked as complete!

This logic applies to all the screening checklist requirements (forms & waivers, interviews, orientation & training sessions), as the status fields are centralized across opportunities!

Where do I update the volunteer's status to their Screening Checklist requirements?

There are a few places to view this information.

1. Once they register for an opportunity that has a screening checklist enabled, you will see it as a tab on their submitted registration form, which can be accessed from the opportunity dashboard or from their profile (steps shown below).
This only applies for opportunities that are using Opportunity-level recruitment

2. Once assigned to an opportunity, you will be able to access it from their profile on your database.
  1. Using your left-hand navigation, go to your Database
  2. Search for the volunteer and click on their profile
  3. On their profile, within the Opportunities section, click See more
  4. Click on the opportunity that has this screening checklist
  5. Navigate to the Screening tab