How does the Shifts section within Forms work?

How does the Shifts section within Forms work?

When you enable the Shift section, you will be able to populate the shift calendar in the 3rd step when creating the form.

When you populate the calendarYou'll be able to select existing opportunities which will populate all shifts across the selected opportunities.

If you don't see any opportunities to select, it's because you haven't yet created any opportunities on Vome.
If you don't see any populate shifts, it's because you don't have any upcoming shifts for the opportunities you selected to populate on the shift calendar

From a volunteer's POV:

When the volunteer is submitting a form response, they will see a section on their form to request available shifts to include with their form submission. They can select as many shifts as they'd like for any opportunity that's populated on the form's shift calendar.

From an admin POV:

If a volunteer is not yet approved for an opportunity, the admin will need to assign the volunteer to the opportunity for the reservations to be confirmed. An admin can do this directly from the individual's form response!

  1. On the left-hand nav bar, go to the Forms view
  2. Click on the Form
  3. Click on the individual's name
  4. On the form response pop-up, scroll down to the Requested shifts section
  5. Click on the Assign opportunities action
Once you assign the volunteer to opportunities based on shifts they requested, the shifts will go though the appropriate process depending on whether Instant Book is enabled or disabled for those opportunities.