How does the Verified First background screening solutions work on Vome?

How does the Verified First background screening solutions work on Vome?

Vome is an official partner of Verified First, which allows you to get preferred pricing when conducting background checks on your volunteers!

How do you initiate a Verified First background check within Vome's admin portal?

1. Navigate over to your Database
2. Click on a profile
3. Click on the Complete a background check button

Do I need a Verified First account?

Yes. To conduct a background check on a volunteer, you will need to reach out to the team at Verified First to get you set up. You can reach out to them via their website ( or by sending them an email (

When submitting the inquiry, make sure to include Vome as your "HR software" to get preferred pricing!

What background checks are available to order?

Vome screening packages include the following searches:

  • National Sex Offender 

  • National Criminal Search

  • Social Security Trace

  • Abuse Registry Search

  • Unlimited County

Want other searches? Let the Verified First team and they can get you started with a-la-carte options:

Do I have to pay for the Vome / Verified First integration? 

No. The Verified First / Vome integration is free of cost, so you can start using Verified First to screen your volunteers as soon as you get an account set up with them.

Do volunteers receive notifications on Vome about their background check?

No. All notifications regarding the background check are handled by Verified First. However, you can track the status of completion for your background check using Vome's sequences and screening checklist features!

What is the pricing structure for each background check? 

Pricing is provided directly by the Verified First team. It is not included in any of Vome's plans and you will need to reach out to their sales team to get a quote. Please see below to learn about preferred pricing for Vome customers that sign up with Verified First.

Is there preferred pricing for Vome customers?

Yes! below are the discounted pricing packages by Verified First for Vome clients. 

1. Basic Package

2. Advanced Package

3. Pro Package

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