I've been assigned to a sequence. How does this work?

I've been assigned to a sequence. How does this work?

What are sequences?
Sequences are step-by-step processes created by the organization and assigned to you. They provide a structured approach for you to complete tasks.

How do sequences work?
Sequences consist of a series of steps that need to be completed in a specific order. Each step represents a task or action that you need to perform.

Can you provide an example of a sequence?
Sure! Here's an example of a sequence:

Step 1: Submit a waiver
Step 2: Attend an onboarding session
Step 3: Complete training

What happens once I finish a sequence?
Once you finish a sequence, it will be removed from your homepage. This helps you keep track of the sequences that are still pending or in progress.

How are sequences assigned to me?
Sequences are assigned to you by an organization. They may be based on your role, responsibilities, or specific requirements.

How can I track my progress in a sequence?
The organization can choose to allow you to track your progress on a given sequence. If they have permitted you to self-track the sequence's completion, you will see action buttons such as Finish Step, Skip Step, etc.

Are sequences mandatory to complete?
The mandatory or optional nature of sequences depends on the organization's policies or requirements. In most cases, they are required steps for you to be eligible to volunteer at their organization.

Can I have multiple sequences assigned to me at the same time?
Yes, it's possible to have multiple sequences assigned to you simultaneously.

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