What happens when I create a new record from the Form response pop-up?

What happens when I create a new record from the Form response pop-up?

When you create a new record in the database from a form response, it will pull their profile information to create the new record. There's no need for any manual data entry!
This option is only available if there's no existing record with the same Email ID already in your database.

The volunteer will not be notified that you've created a new record in your database with their information. They will only be notified if you assign them to a sequence and/or opportunity.
Upon creating the new record, in the pop-up, you can pre-assign tags, sequences, opportunities and/or shifts.
If your looking to track specific data points that aren't getting translated onto the new record that you just created, you can create and assign tags upon creating the record and you'll be able to see the record with those assigned tags in the database right away!
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