What is the difference between a Category and an Opportunity?

What is the difference between a Category and an Opportunity?

A category typically has the title and description of a program, event or location. It contains one or more volunteer opportunities.

An opportunity contains all the details about an activity, position, role or task. Volunteers can apply directly to opportunities, which are linked to a single category.

Example in the diagram below > The Food Bank would be the category. Food Prep, Packaging and Delivery would be the opportunities.

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    • Do I need to create a category if my opportunity is for a one-time event?

      Yes, every opportunity must be associated with a category! We suggest that you create a category and title it according to the name of the one-time event. For example, the title of the category would be "Marathon Fundraiser". The opportunity titles ...
    • How do I add a new opportunity?

      1) On the navigation bar click the green "+" icon next to Add Opportunity. 2) Add the details of the opportunity. Provide the title, description, category, tags, commitment, location and primary coordinator. Select an admin that will be the ...
    • How do I create a new category?

      Go to Add Opportunity > In step 1/6 click Category > In the pop-up click Create category:         1. Select a theme or upload a photo You must add a title to your theme if you upload a custom photo. The minimum image size must be 400 x 200 pixels.  ...
    • What is the difference between an On-Site and Remote opportunity?

      On-site opportunity: This indicates to volunteers that they should meet at a specific location in order to complete their shifts. It should be noted that volunteers are only able to instantly check-in via QR code on the mobile app if the opportunity ...
    • How do I delete an opportunity?

      As of now, there is no way to delete an opportunity. However, you can always make it inactive! To de-activate an opportunity, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to the Opportunities page 2. Click on the opportunity you wish to de-activate to get to ...