What is the difference between an Application Form and Onboarding?

What is the difference between an Application Form and Onboarding?

Application Form

The Application Form is shown to volunteers upon submitting their application. You can customize the fields that you require volunteers to fill out during the application process (i.e., screening questions, resume, and emergency contact information). The application form is used for administrators to pre-screen applicants and will be saved to the volunteer's profile for future access.

Volunteer Onboarding

The Volunteer Onboarding process details the steps that volunteers will need to complete dyring the recruitment process once the administrator decides to move forward with the applicant. The administrator will be able to manage the status of completion for each of the added onboarding fields.

For example, you can create a new Interview and call it "Phone Interview". Once you create this Phone interview, you will be able to apply it to all the opportunities that require a phone interview. When a volunteer applies to your opportunity, you will be able to indicate if this interview is Pending or Complete.
It is also important to note that once the volunteer completes the Phone Interview (from the example above), the volunteer will no longer be asked to complete another Phone Interview for new opportunities. Therefore, if the volunteer has completed the phone interview, and then applies to a new opportunity, it will already indicate that it was complete. 

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