What is the difference between an On-Site and Remote opportunity?

What is the difference between an On-Site and Remote opportunity?

When creating or editing an opportunity, you must choose a default location setting.

1. If the location is set to On-Site:
  1. The check-in/out QR code and on-site kiosk will be applicable! Shift attendees are expected to meet at a specified location for every shift related to this opportunity.
  2. The On-Site location (i.e. city, specific address, etc.) will be the default location when generating shifts related to the opportunity
​Choose whether you want to overwrite the opportunity's location when generating shifts to customize specific shift locations.

2. If the location is set to Remote:
  1. There is no specified location for any shift related to this opportunity (i.e. Shift attendees will see the location as 'Remote' in their shift information).
  2. However, there is no QR code check-in or on-site virtual kiosk feature for shifts that are related to Remote opportunities.
The hour claim feature and the capability for admins to log hours at any time are both applicable hour tracking tools with either option.

If the location for this opportunity is a hybrid, where some shifts are on-site and some are remote, it is advised that you choose the On-site location option since you can make the default location very generic (i.e. the name of a city), and then each shift that has a specific address can have that specified when generating shifts.

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