Why can't I update the email address for an offline volunteer?

Why can't I update the email address for an offline volunteer?

The email address is how we uniquely identify user profiles. At this time, the administrator is unable to edit the email address of an offline profile. 

We are hoping to add additional flexibility in allowing the administrator to update the user email addresses in the future. In the meantime, we would be happy to help you make the necessary updates. Please email us at admin@vomevolunteer.com including the name and email address of the volunteer(s) you would like to edit, along with the new email address(es).  
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    • How come I can't edit a volunteer's email address?

      As of now, there is no way to edit an email address for Offline records. If you wish to edit a volunteer's email ID, please contact our support team and we'll be glad to assist you. Please send us the current email ID and the email ID you would like ...
    • How do I create Offline Volunteer profiles in the database?

      1. Go to your Database from the left-hand navigation 2. Click on Create Profiles on the top right of Database view 3. You will have the choice to Add a Volunteer or Mass Import (via excel) You must add at least a first name, last name and email ...
    • Can I edit profile information for Vome Users or Offline Profiles in the database?

      You can only edit profile information for Offline Profiles that you manually created in the database. If the volunteer record is a Vome User, it means that the volunteer has entered the profile data themselves and saved it to their Vome profile. ...
    • How can I send a mass email from the database?

      1. Go to the Database 2. Select one or more volunteer records 3. Click on the black down arrow next to the right of "# records selected" 4. Click on Send email You can send emails to both Vome Users & Offline Profiles in the database.
    • How do I sign up as a volunteer on Vome?

      Steps to sign up as a volunteer If you are on your computer, you can sign up using this link: https://www.vomevolunteer.com/register-volunteer Otherwise, you can also download the Vome Volunteer mobile app and sign up from there as well. If you re ...