Why should I invite my other administrators to Vome?

Why should I invite my other administrators to Vome?

Please note that only the Account Holder can manage administrative access.

There are many benefits to adding other administrators to the organization’s account. Here are a few:

1. Assign them to opportunities
Only the coordinator assigned to an opportunity or form will receive all notifications relating to it and will be the primary contact person for assigned users.
For example, an assigned coordinator to a specific opportunity would receive notifications about new applications, scheduling requests, app reminders, check-ins, etc.

2. Participate in Vome Chats
Administrators can talk to each other directly, get added to groups, and communicate with users.

3. Personalized dashboard
Administrators can pin opportunities to their dashboard to get quick insights regarding the opportunities that they’re involved in.

On the Enterprise plan, the super admin can create roles to limit accessibility and set permissions/restrictions for admin users. See the Users & Access page for more info!

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