How do I collect sensitive information from my volunteers?

How do I collect sensitive information from my volunteers?

Sensitive profile information on Vome includes the following: 

i) Address
ii) Date of birth
iii) Age
iv) Gender

As of now, volunteers must provide explicit consent to share this sensitive information with your organization.

Therefore, you can collect this information by requiring these fields on a form (either through an opportunity or general form). Once you enable these fields, you can share this form with volunteers who will be forced to fill out the necessary information upon submission.

Steps to create a form and require an address and date of birth from each of your volunteers:

1. Using the left-hand navigation, click Forms

2. On the top-left of the page, click + Create form

3. On the Details step, input the basic form information.

4. On the Form step, you can click create or use a template to create a template, or create a stand-alone form (whichever makes the most sense for you)

5. When building the form content, make sure to select the Profile information fields you want to collect - for example, mark Address & Date of Birth as ON (see attached image)

6. Save the form and publish it.

Once the form is published, copy the shareable link and send it out to all the volunteers that you wish to fill out the form and consent to sharing the sensitive data you're requesting.
Once they submit the form response, you will have the sensitive data updated on their profile in your database.

To see what profile information is shared with you by default, check out: How does the "Profile Information" section work on a form?

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