How do I promote my organization for new recruits?

How do I promote my organization for new recruits?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to streamline volunteer recruitment at your organization.

Vome sharing tools work across every device, including computers, tablets and smartphones. If the volunteer has the mobile app, it will redirect them to the corresponding view on the app!

You can share your profile, opportunities, or links to forms!

1. Share your profile: How do I share my profile?
We recommend starting by sharing your profile on your website, social media profiles and any other tool being used to promote your organization. Volunteers who visit your profile will be able to view and register for new opportunities or submit a form to get involved! They can also follow your organization to stay up-to-date about newly available opportunities. 
2. Share a specific opportunity: How do I share a link to an opportunity?

2. Share a specific form: How do I share a link to a form?