How does the check-in/out portal work on Vome?

How does the check-in/out portal work on Vome?

In order for a volunteer to be able to check-in and check-out of their shifts, they must first be reserved for a shift (i.e. on the attendees list for an upcoming shift).

If you want to learn more about how Vome Users can reserve shifts themselves from their profile, here is a resource for you to learn more and that can be shared with your Vome Users:

Once someone is a reserved shift attendee, they will get a push notification on the app to let them know that the check-in portal is open 1 hour before the shift start time. There are a few areas on the Vome Volunteer mobile app that prompt the volunteer to check-in once the check-in portal has opened. 

There are 2 methodologies that allow attendees to check-in/out of shifts

1. Vome Users can scan a QR from the mobile app

Scanning a QR can only be done Vome Users who are currently a shift attendee in their schedule and who have the mobile app! The QR code can only be scanned from within the Vome App (i.e. not from the smartphone camera app). Only admins users can generate the QR code!

If the attendee doesn't have a working camera on their smartphone, they can input the ID # on the QR code print-out instead!

There are 3 ways to arrive to the Scan QR code view in the app:

i) From the Home page, there is an upcoming shift section with text that says, “check-in enabled”. When clicked, it will take the volunteer to the shift. From here, there will be a banner that has a check -in action which will allow the user to scan the QR code
There must be a QR code for them to scan that only admins can generate and print out from the Schedule > Actions > Print check-in/out QR Code

ii) From the Schedule tab, you can press on the green QR code icon. Reminder - this will only appear 1 hour before the shift start time (once the check-in portal has opened).

iii) From the Schedule tab, they can press on the shift, and press on the green check-in button
Once they open the check-in/out popup, the attendee can simply put their smartphone camera in front of the QR code (on a physical piece of paper or digitally) and it will immediately check them in/out!

2. Any attendee can search their name in the virtual check-in kiosk

The virtual check-in kiosk can only be generated by admin users and an admin must log in for it to be accessible for attendees to interact with it!

The virtual check-in kiosk should be accessible at the location where the shift is taking place (i.e. on a tablet or computer). This will enable you to search your name and check-in/out of shifts!

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