I've been assigned to a shift. What happens next?

I've been assigned to a shift. What happens next?

We recommend that you download the Vome Volunteer mobile app to make the communication process easier while gaining access to important updates!

48-hour confirmation:
You will receive a notification 48 hours prior to the beginning of the shift asking you to confirm your attendance. It is optional to confirm - but it will help the organization know that you are for sure coming!

If the opportunity is happening at a specified location, you can check-in to your shift by scanning the QR code! The check-in portal opens 1 hour before the shift start time of your shift.
If the organization hasn't put a QR code on display for you to scan, please visit the on-site coordinator to have them manually log your hours. You can also submit an hour claim once the shift is over!

Steps to check-in:

Step 1: Open the Vome Volunteer mobile app
Step 2: Click on the shift 
Step 3: Click Check-in
Step 4: Scan the QR code and you're all set!

If you've checked-in to a shift, you will receive a notification 15 minutes prior to the shift end time to remind you to check-out! You can follow the same steps as the check-in process. Once you check-out, your hours will be immediately logged!
If you forget to check-out, you can ask the coordinator to manually check you out on the spot. If not, you will not get logged and must request that the coordinator log your hours!

 Claiming additional hours:
If you were checked out too early, you can always claim additional hours.
Step 1: Open the Vome Volunteer mobile app
Step 2: Go to your schedule
Step 3: Click on the shift
Step 4: On top, click the Claim hours button

This will send a request to the administrator for them to approve before the additional hours are officially logged.