How do I set up my portal to organize event-based volunteering?

How do I set up my portal to organize event-based volunteering?

We want to help you make it as simple as possible to organize your event on Vome.

Follow the guidelines below

1. Create a category and label it as the title of your event

  1. To do so, you can navigate over to Opportunities > + New Opportunity page. When creating the first opportunity for your event, the 3rd field in the details step will allow you to create a category which you should label as the Event title. You will also need to add an event description and cover photo.

2. Add the details of the first opportunity and label it as a role, task, position activity, assignment associated within your event.

The third step to building your first opportunity will be to choose the best recruitment option for your event. If you're unfamiliar with the difference between the two options: i) General Application vs  ii) Direct Registration, you can check out:  How do I organize recruitment on Vome?
The cover photo that was selected for the category (i.e. event) will be applied to all of the opportunities within the category!
It is recommended to select Direct Registration as the recruitment process option as it will allow new registrants to sign up directly for opportunities when they're viewing the details of a specific opportunity (i.e. they won't be generally applying to your organization. With this option, new registrants will see the opportunity as "pending" immediately after registering and will be able to interact with the opportunity's screening checklist elements if there are any.
It is recommended that you enable the Instant Book option when you arrive to the Schedule step so that any person who's approved for the opportunity can instantly book shifts and have them get auto-confirmed without nay further administrative innervation (i.e. no further approval process for each shift reservation once someone is approved for an opportunity).

3. If you have multiple opportunities for your event, duplicate your first opportunity and change the title and any other settings as needed.

  1. To duplicate an existing opportunity, you can do so by navigating to the + New Opportunity page, and clicking Duplicate an existing opportunity.

4. If you did not create shifts while creating each of your opportunities, this would be the last step!

  1. To create shifts, simply visit your Schedule page, and click Create shifts on the top-left of your screen
  2. In the Create shifts pop-up, you can use the Date range feature to create shifts over a period of time, if you have multiple shifts to create! Also, take note of the fact that you can generate multiple time slots by clicking "+ Add time slot for increased efficiency before generating a batch of shifts.
See an example below:

Category = Annual Fundraiser

Opportunity A = Ticket Booth
Opportunity B = Usher
Opportunity C = Greeter

The Ticket Booth, Usher and Greeter opportunities will all be added to the Annual Fundraiser category. This way, you will see the opportunities grouped under that category in your Opportunities area, on your Organization's page and it will also be applicable to reports later on.

Generating shifts (i.e. date, time slot, max # of attendees) will need to be done separately for each opportunity. This can be done in the process of creating a new opportunity in the Schedule step and can also be accomplished from the Schedule view as there's a + Create Shifts button on the top-left.

Once this is all set up, you are ready to begin recruitment volunteers to your event! You can choose to share a link to your Organization's page, a specific category (i.e. the event) or opportunities (i.e. role, task, position, activity, assignment), or directly to a general application form (from your Forms tab) - whatever works best for you! To learn more about how you can promote your organization, check out: How do I promote my organization for new recruits?

As always, if you need any help setting up your account, email us at and we'll help you out!

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