How do I use Forms on Vome?

How do I use Forms on Vome?

Although you can use forms for surveys or any other data collection purpose from volunteers, they are often used for recruitment.

How do volunteers arrive to the form?

There would be 3 ways for volunteers to arrive to this form and submit a response:
1. You can generate a shareable URL for volunteers to arrive directly on the form. 

2. You can make the form public. By doing so, a volunteer would be able to access the form your Vome profile. There would be a BECOME A VOLUNTEER button added to your profile, which would show volunteers the list of forms that are made public. Since you can set multiple forms to public, you can build a form for individual volunteers and another for groups of volunteers, create forms in different languages or anything else!

3. When you create your various opportunities on Vome (i.e., Bartender, Driver, Server), you will be able to configure the option Organization-level recruitment and then choose the form title General volunteer form. If a volunteer is reading through your available volunteer opportunities and clicks Register (for any of the opportunities), it would bring them to the form and allow them to submit a response. 

Am I getting notified about new responses from volunteers?

When building a form, you will select the assigned coordinator for the form. This individual will receive email and app notifications when a volunteer submits a new response.

How many times can a volunteer submit a response to the form?

 A volunteer can submit the form an unlimited number of times.
Please note that if you do not want this to be the case for new recruits, we would recommend using the Opportunity-level recruitment feature for your opportunities. Read here more information: How do I organize volunteer recruitment on Vome?
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