How do I organize volunteer onboarding on Vome?

How do I organize volunteer onboarding on Vome?

There are many ways to easily keep track of volunteer onboarding using Vome! 

It is recommended to read through the summaries below to identify if you would like to track onboarding using sequences or opportunity-level screening checklists.

1. Sequences

Sequences offers a more comprehensive set of features to track volunteer onboarding. It allows you to create a step by step process and track volunteer completion for each step.
For example, step 1 (submit a waiver), step 2 (attend an orientation session), step 3 (complete training, and so forth)
Additionally, sequences are an independent feature module, meaning you can assign volunteers to sequences regardless of their status to opportunities.
A common flow for organizations can be to use a general recruitment form to gather responses from new applicants, and then assign them to the necessary onboarding sequence!
You can also choose to make your sequence private, which would then be used for internal purposes and not shown to assigned volunteers. However, if you decide to make it volunteer-accessible, you can also choose to enable Self-Tracking, which would allow the volunteer to update their status to the sequence and mark themselves as finished. There are many options to explore!

2. Screening checklists

Screening checklists allow you to add screening requirements on an opportunity-basis. Therefore, if a volunteer registers or gets assigned for the opportunity, they will be assigned the corresponding screening checklist.
A common flow for organizations can be to use opportunity-level registration, which would allow volunteers to access their screening checklist immediately after they register. 

Ultimately, it depends on how you would like to structure your volunteer onboarding process. If you need any help with the setup, feel free to email us and we'll help you get it updated!
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