What happens when I invite volunteers to claim their profile on Vome?

What happens when I invite volunteers to claim their profile on Vome?

Inviting your volunteers to claim their profiles on Vome can provide many operational benefits for organizations.

Let's go through how the process works:

1. Once you invite a volunteer from your database, you will see it appear as a Pending Invitation.

2. The volunteer will
receive an email notifying them that they have been invited by your organization to claim their profile.
If the volunteer did not receive the email (after checking junk, spam or other possible places), they can simply proceed to the next step.

2. The volunteer will need to sign up and create a profile on Vome.
 The important thing is that they create a profile using the same email address that you added for their profile, otherwise their profile will not merge into your database. If they need help creating an account, you can share this FAQ: How do I sign up as a volunteer on Vome?

3. Once the volunteer has signed up and logged into Vome, they will be prompted with a popup to accept the invitation from your organization.

That's it! Once this happens, you will notice a change in the User Type field on your database (going from Offline to Vome User) indicating that the volunteer has claimed their profile and is now an active user.

Other helpful articles if you're planning on onboarding your volunteers:

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