I'm a volunteer. How do I use Vome?

I'm a volunteer. How do I use Vome?

Vome was built to make it easy for volunteers to engage with organizations.

1a. I'm a new volunteer: Submit a general application form and/or apply for specific opportunities if the organization allows it.
  1. Link: How do I submit an application form?
1b. I'm an active volunteer: Get assigned to an opportunity by an admin.
  1. Link: I'm already an active volunteer and am waiting to be assigned to an opportunity. How does this work?‚Äč
2. Complete the onboarding process (If relevant)
  1. Link: I submitted a general application form to become a volunteer. How do I view my onboarding process?
  2. Link: I applied for an opportunity. How do I view my screening checklist?

3. Reserve shifts, manage your schedule and track your hours
  1. Link: I've been assigned to an opportunity. How do I reserve a shift?
  2. Link: How do I claim hours for a past shift?

4. Communicate with groups of volunteers and administrators via instant messaging 
  1. Link: How do I use chats on Vome?

5. Earn recognition by completing challenges and earning Vome badges
  1. Link: How do Vome achievements work?

How does this help an organization?

As you can imagine, coordinating volunteers can be very time-consuming for administrators. By claiming your profile on Vome and using it to engage with the organization, it will allow them to more effectively manage volunteer operations and focus on what's important! You can easily view shift availabilities, reserve shifts, track your hours, communicate via instant messaging and receive timely notifications, reminders and updates via email and push notifications (if you have the app)!

Data Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. That's why we ensure our architecture conforms to industry standards and regulatory requirements. Vome is HIPPA, PIPEDA , CCPA and GDPR compliant.
  1. Link to Privacy Policy: https://www.vomevolunteer.com/privacy
  2. Link to Terms Of Service: https://www.vomevolunteer.com/terms

Other useful links to get started on Vome

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